Welcome to a strange world.
              A world where the admins (that means a little everything and anything in our mind...) can no longer keep up.
              Or don't want to follow. Who knows...

              The new information and communication technologies have this peculiarity that they should push us to a lot of humility.
              In fact, IT managers always seem to lag behind when a security hole is revealed.
              Strangely enough, they are never aware at the same time as those who could exploit them ...
              A late train. Lack of means? Lack of people and equipment?
              Perhaps. Lack of interest in these subjects? Perhaps also...

              But shouldn't we also blame the general management of those companies that launch themselves into the Net with their eyes closed,
              hoping to make billions with a minimum investment in people and equipment?
              The search for maximum profit in a minimum amount of time is not made to ensure a bright future for the company that adopts this attitude.
              Most of the time, these same general managers would not have bet 2 cents on the Internet even a short time ago (3 years?).
              Today, they are ready either to spend millions on a simple showcase Web server, or to spend nothing at all while asking internal teams to train "on the job".
              The bottom line... Servers have important flaws, networks are not secure. All kinds of things that can turn against these companies.

              Kitetoa has been surfing on the Ouèb looking for badly installed servers.
              Surprise, there are a lot of them. We only used one browser.
              No special software, no special hardware. So these are not, as some have suggested, "attacks" against these servers.
              It is simply surfing on the URLs of servers. Nothing more.
              And it's all the more worrying because if we've already found this while surfing, we wonder what hackers might find?

              +++ The crazy, crazy, crazy world of the Admins +++